12/07/2010 | By Shaun Laakso

The vector art cosmos of Rebeca Tellez revolves around pulp science fiction, cosmopolitan art noir, urban melodrama, epic monsters and surreal settings.

Rebeca creates true film scenarios in her poppy illustrations; slices of a dreamlike ambience. Her imagery is mainly figure-based and creates a real mood of reckless melodrama, mayhem and good fun. A funny twist on the fairytale of strange love between beautiful girls and weird little monsters. From Miami with love, beauty and passion!


Graphic designer, vector artist and painter Rebeca Tellez is inspired by old, fresh and random stuff: antiques, art history, pop surrealism, expressionism, lowbrow, street art, graffiti, rock posters, underground comics, high end make-up, hair dye, monster and horror movies, the Sims, sex, feminism, the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Her vector illustrations, paintings and street art often contain comic characters who are not afraid to appear naked, foolish and charming.


Rebeca loves the weirdness of the universe of painters as Hieronymus Bosh and Egon Schiele, Robert Williams’ powerful mix of cinematic apocalypticism and hot rod culture, the subversive portraits of Eric White, the concert posters by Bob Masse, the dark mystery of Glenn Barr and the Play-doh surrealism of Inka Essenhigh.

Her love for surrealism, underground art and B-culture are the backdrop to her vector universe and the creatures that inhabit it. All these influences and inspiration work the wicked way into Rebeca Tellez’ smashing artworks - a parallel world full of sexy girls with extravagant hair & dripping make-up and epic comic characters.


To see more of Rebeca’s artworks, visit


Girl & Alien Foofie by Rebeca Tellez

Girl & Alien - Foofie


Alien Paradise by Rebeca Tellez

Alien Paradise


Devilish Delight by Rebeca Tellez

Devilish Delight


Blueberry Booger by Rebeca Tellez

Blueberry Booger


Gas of Doom by Rebeca Tellez

Gas of Doom


Pretty Pretty Princess by Rebeca Tellez

Pretty Pretty Princess

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